Daily Inspiration = My P.I.C

Here is a list of not your typical run of the mill “power couples” but to me they’re bad to the bone partners of crime AKA P.I.C.s! Because sometimes it’s the weird things that make me love my P.I.C more each and every day <3 

 Bonnie + Clyde = THE ULTIMATE P.I.C’s

P.I.C rule #1 If we go down we go down together. 

 J.D + Veronica = Crazy Forever

Veronica loved the bad boy….don’t we all? Especially the ones with ideas to compliment and top yours. Perfect chemistry is just as important as good bombing techniques.

Allison + CryBaby = Drape 4 Life 

If she’s down to turn drape and dance around in jail for you…you know you got yourself a down ass chick.  

Honey Bunny + Pumpkin = The “get down to get down” muthafuckas! 

P.I.C rule #2  ALWAYS be ready for spontaneous fun! Honey Bunny and Pumpkin are ALWAYS down for the cause. 

Harold + Maude = Dark and Lovely

P.I.C rule #3 Age doesn’t matter. As long as they speak your language and love a good funeral as much as you, it’s obviously a match made in heaven. 

Mom + Dad = Psycho Killers…Qu’est Que C’est 

If your both sick and twisted as these fucks then might as well get married and call it a day! Parents are always the best, especially when there equally evil! Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil…Daddy’s rules! 

Scott Pilgrim + Ramona Flowers = Hadouken!

And last but not least, any guy who’s willing to fight off all your evil ex-boyfriends is worth a try and most likely worthy P.I.C material.